Can you fix my PC For me?

I was asked to fix the following,

I was told it doesn’t have video and that the graphics card must be bad.

Long story short the pictures supplied are after a can of duster was used, and I was informed that the way the PC was stored was against a wall on the side fans and against a wall on the back.

When asked why the PC was stored in such a way I was informed,

“Because the fans were no longer working, so it didn’t matter anymore.”

Needless to say more then the graphics card died this no longer has a 2nd functioning DIMM slot.

I wonder what caused the damage…


FindingDiscount adware/malware…

RunTimeManager service details in registry.

RunTimeManager service details in registry.

So I’ve never written about malware before even though it’s been a huge interest of mine for quite a long time,

I’ve cleaned tons of PCs were the Signatures were known by AV of course these guys are usually on top of that kind of thing…

That wasn’t the case with this malware,

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My new employment @


So this is a bit delayed of a post but I’ve actually started working at a company that goes by the name of

While I cannot provide many details about my employment what I will say is that my days of android ‘modding’ can be considered over for various reasons, while I’m still contemplating doing research on various topics of the Xbox360 I don’t know if I will be proceeding down that path either.

It was a fun few years toying with the security implementations of different games that most people had already been playing with and defeating the said to be ‘impossible’ games to mod.

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Fast And The Furious 6 – The Game – Gold Research

FF6 Banner

Fast & Furious 6 The Game – Gold Hacked

Well I don’t really have to much to say about this one other then the fact it was created using the “Unity3D” engine, this engine basically takes C# code which they call C# scripts compiles it into a DLL and drops it in an asset folder.

It then uses Mono on Android to launch such, so this one wasn’t any Java de-compilation/modification nor was it any reversing to the ARM based shared object as that’s just the primary engine.

No this was much more simple, it was modification of a .net DLL nothing more nothing less while it did include IL opcode injection I don’t consider that anything too complicated or impressive.
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Epic Official Game – Aura Research

Hacking the Game “Epic” for Android

So looks like I’m back at it again,

This time with the Game “Epic” created by GameLoft, and once again this stuff is way to easy all these guys make it seem like it’s hard telling you they put a lot of work into this stuff trying to charge you for a “VIP” subscription for games made by this company.
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UNO & Friends – Modded

Alright, so I demonstrated the fact I had modded UNO & Friends a day or two ago.

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Modding Android Games – Is it really that hard?

Hacking Android Games

Hacking Android Games

Alright so I’ve finally decided to cover a new subject,
We’ve all been bored once right?,

We’ve got this shiny rooted object in front of us with a plunder of games just waiting to be messed with ( Some of them just make it too god damn easy, you’ll see why later on ).
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A mailing platform

Well, This is a bit new considering I generally only program for the xbox or various other projects for the PC.

But recently I’ve gotten more invested into internet marketing and started working with a few different networks, as well as got to have my go at different platforms all together.

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Back on an automated backup solution…

As promised I told you all that when I had completed this automated backup solution I was working on awhile ago that I would release it with full documented source code.

So here we are the full completed source code,

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Making trainers for the xbox360, The base engine, Merry X-mas enjoy the code.

Alright so a few notes about this source…

1. I’ve gotta give credits to [c0z] for stealing portions of the DashLaunch source code and integrating it in here for certain hooking abilities and etc.
2. Natelx helped out a bit with fixing a few things when it came to hacking Alan Wake oh so long ago.
3. Xorloser just because he’s a chill guy :p and me and him always discuss 360 related things.

Now onto the actual discussion of the source:
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