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Well, This is a bit new considering I generally only program for the xbox or various other projects for the PC.

But recently I’ve gotten more invested into internet marketing and started working with a few different networks, as well as got to have my go at different platforms all together.

So lets see here I’ve tried out Interspire ( With all add-ons ), I’d say I tried out Greenarrow considering it’s based on the same concept as Interspire, I’ve messed with Onpoint, I’ve even messed with the various desktop applications that are available.

Yet, I seem to find problems in each one whether it be the fact that it’s method of delivery is complete crap and it doesn’t send properly, rotate properly or etc.

Each one of these platforms I’ve tested myself, read reviews on, or so on have lacked some major functionality in one way or another… and it really sucks considering the amount of money these companies manage to make right off other people’s backs.

They’re charging upwards of $500 a MONTH or $1,000 per SERVER per MONTH for these things and yet they still have these short comings to them, you’d expect if they’re getting this much money for such a product it’d at least be well developed.

What I mean by that is some just suck with their delivery rates ( Interspire ), Some don’t rotate between URLs, IP(s), and such properly ( GreenArrow and Interspire Addons ), and some have thought of almost everything yet have a way too whack interface and stability issues ( On Point ).

So what’s the solution here?
Pay more money?
Buy a new platform?

Nah, I didn’t want to invest any more time or money into companies I couldn’t trust who’ve already had bad reviews or such and mailers just deal with it because they have no alternative.

No I decided I’d be making my own platform and I’d make it with the features the rest of these companies have to offer and more, we’re talking everything from ad-network API integration, to registrar API integration for linkage of your domains, fast send rates, stability, and more.

So I’d like to introduce you to CMP – The Ultimate Mailing Platform, created by Chandler Brink & Larson LLC,
this platform was created with the intention of CAN-SPAM compliant mailing and tries to improve where others had short comings.

While it’s not commercially available just yet it will be very soon, and at an affordable price ;).

So just stick around keep checking our blogs, and sites to see development updates on this and we’ll let you know as soon as it’s gone commercial.

Questions or Comments?, Want your networks API integrated?, give the lead developer an email at crich [at] chandlerbrink [dot] com

Some early development screenshots,







  1. h4x0r5 says:

    We want the kings of the internet back! Projects like yours are being created underground. Bring the forums back! <3


  2. h4x0r5 says:

    Deadly Data. Trembler, Pr0, sniperXPX, h4x0r5 are waiting for the return of the forums. Bitch we know what you are doing behind the scenes. Where the fuck is Sean?

  3. PermaNull says:

    There’s not gonna be forums TD no longer exists,
    It’s just me now ;).

  4. Taylz says:

    Bring TD back

  5. perkish says:

    Hey guys, so ya’ll know me… perkish. I’m bringing an old team back, if anyone wants to get in touch and discuss organization and plans, I’m getting everything together and looking for solid members. Email your Skype or any other IM username to infosecsual (cat in the at, Dr. Seuss) gmail.com

  6. Pro says:

    I’m still around, and so are most of TD’s people. It’s just all about the money now.

  7. BBS says:

    Pro, do you guys have another mumble or teamspeak?
    Long time no talk.

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