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Hacking the Game “Epic” for Android

So looks like I’m back at it again,

This time with the Game “Epic” created by GameLoft, and once again this stuff is way to easy all these guys make it seem like it’s hard telling you they put a lot of work into this stuff trying to charge you for a “VIP” subscription for games made by this company.

Yet, it’s really god damn simple you have debug information for everything if I wanted to I could’ve enabled a full “CheatMenu” that was embedded in this game.

Now onto the actual discussion of the hack,
All I did was went to the top of the function that removes your Aura as you’re spending it and I replaced the first instruction with


so that the function simply branched back to the address in the link register, So none of the code beyond this point gets executed thus never removing any of my aura.

After doing that, I found where the game loads it’s data and actually sets the value of what Aura I currently have it usually would load it using an instruction like

LDR r1,[r5+0x8C]

So that part was simple though if I wanted to fill the full 4 bytes I’d have to implement shifting so I decided to just go the max without shifting

MOV             R1, #0xFF00

Thus statically adjusting my game’s aura to 65280 and never allowing it to go down from that value.

You can see more of this on the youtube video I created as a demonstration of the hack:

Have an android game you wanna see hacked?, Leave a comment below.

– Link to the Epic hack coming soon ( Non-Root ) Modded APK.


  1. Rakesh says:

    I am completely new to this…N i really like this game.
    Could you please explain it to me how you did it.


  2. Mike P says:

    I would like to see bingo blitz hacked.

  3. Moses says:

    How can we change the codes, adresses. On windows i use Ollydbg, but on android, i dont know. Please help. Thanks!

  4. Newbie_Cracker says:

    Thanks for info,

    but which file should be patched? How do this in a un-rooted device?

  5. Newbie_Cracker says:

    Would you please mention the name of functions that should be patched?

    e.g.: to stop aura spending, ZooRescue::PlayerData::SpendAura should be patched.

    To increase it, which one should be patched?

    And how to transfer the “libepic.so” to device? or how to modify the APK and reinstall the app?

  6. Amed says:

    it is great

  7. Rudy says:

    Hi Permanull…..I’m very new here, I’m playing epic official game and it’s been very tough for me to level up due to constant being attacked n my seeds n nectar stolen :( …how do I go about installing the “hex” game? Must I deleted my current EPIC game? Please do advice. Million thanks.

  8. cattz says:

    Tq mate
    Please hack prehistoric park apk.

  9. The_Adg says:

    is there a hack for six guns…???

  10. Ios says:

    Do you have one that works for IOS ?

  11. LJY says:

    Cool hack! I would like to see a few games hacked if you don’ mind naming a few:

    Avengers Initiative
    Clash of Lords
    Fishing Superstars

  12. deaan says:

    I could not install, message signing app different

  13. aldaitha says:

    Any one got a working link to the newest moded apk?

  14. Shaco says:

    Hey the hack when?

  15. mostafa rgab says:

    i am i level 32 an the game on my phone didn’t work it make’s sound but it didn’t work why?

  16. EnkryptedSpirit says:

    there is a new version 1.1.0. will this one get modded as well? :)

  17. IdiotEpicPlayer says:

    I’ve been fiddling about trying to get the Aura to stop/add etc using Gamekiller/Gamecih but i just can’t get it to work…

    Pretty please help us out.

  18. epiclover says:

    Can you email me the hack please.

  19. Rebecca says:

    Could you email the hack to me. Thanks

  20. Raktim Roy says:

    Can u pls email me the hack…The hack i have is not working well bcoz of the initial provision of unlimited seeds and nectar.i just want to increase the aura

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