Finding a good PHP IDE…

I always find myself programming in different languages for different projects,
but I’d have to say the thing I hate most about switching to any language other then managed C/C++ would be the fact it’s always difficult for me to find an IDE that I like.

I’ve read reviews, I’ve tried the applications, and yet I still can’t pin which IDE works best for me personally,
Sometimes I use VIM/nano on a shell just because it’s there and I don’t have to deal with re-uploading my work over and over again.

Sometimes I use notepad on my PC for those quick edits, and yet still have that feeling like somethings missing.

So I go back to trying a few different IDEs and when it comes down to it, it seems like they make these things way to over complicated with these options enabled by default (Auto complete, Automated error checking, etc.) and then it takes me several minutes if not hours to sit here and go through these settings to customize the IDE the way I want it to work.

So I end up going back to something like NotePad++ with simple syntax highlighting and no extra added functionality…

Then I start to think “Could I have gotten this done faster using an non-intrusive auto-complete?”, sometimes auto-complete just screws you up and makes things take longer though so it’s a real back and fourth situation.

So in the end I decided to stick with my beloved NotePad++ for my coding purposes.

What’s your experience with PHP IDE’s?
Which do you prefer?
Leave a comment below ;).


  1. meatw4d says:

    PHP Designer by mpSoftware, or if you’re wanting to get a run for your money, phpStorm by Jetbrains.

    For working, phpStorm is the shit – hands down. FTP, SVN, all of that extra shit. Macros for files (i.e. class, method, and/or comment layout implementation) and all that shit is pretty sweet.

  2. Stas says:

    I would like to suggest Codelobster PHP Edition –
    This free PHP IDE has big amount of useful features.

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