Modding Android Games – Is it really that hard?

Hacking Android Games

Hacking Android Games

Alright so I’ve finally decided to cover a new subject,
We’ve all been bored once right?,

We’ve got this shiny rooted object in front of us with a plunder of games just waiting to be messed with ( Some of them just make it too god damn easy, you’ll see why later on ).

Anyway, So I got bored my fiance had been playing this game “Candy Crush Saga” and I found you needed “Tickets” and such to continue beyond levels, You also had to wait absurd amounts of time to get new lives.

This led me to Google searching and everything I came up with of course required root, until I eventually ran into some modded APK files.

I thought that was cool but this game was probably written completely in java anyway meaning de-compiling it down to source wouldn’t really be hard, So it’s not impressive by any means.

Even when java is obfuscated we all know it’s still quite easy to modify once put into a de-compiler.

So I started looking around on the forum where I found this ‘hack’ or ‘mod’ until I wound up running into their request section and decided why not I’ll take a look.

At first I thought this forum had some considerably intelligent users,

When I had a full look around I saw people’s posts from around 2012 which is old but it’s still astonishing that people can be so dim, the posts stated and I quote “The era of IDA Hacking is here”.

If you’re going to be game hacking, at least know that you’re not always gonna be able to open a hex editor/text editor on a file and either modify values straight up or compare to find what you’re looking for and be able to edit/hack the game.

At some point and time some actual reverse engineering will have to be involved, and the faster you understand that the better.

Now, I was going to just let it go and give them the benefit of the doubt

But I was presented with other posts “I’m an IDA Hacker, I make IDA Hacks, Who can make IDA hacks”.

Common guys this is straight up retarded, At this point I can’t even stand this god damn forum.

A little insight I had been using IDA on android games since 2009-2010, I had created ESP,Chams, and an Aimbot for the game Modern Combat 2 a lot of this was done by very advanced hooking techniques that took me way too long to complete and this work went unfinished and unreleased.

My point here is the fact that the experienced people have been using IDA to do these things already and the only reason you other guys aren’t aware of it is because we don’t want to feed idiots, you all need to be spoon fed to understand the simplest of concepts.

For instance you give them a tool like IDA and they start saying they’re searching for values in it (Are you fucking kidding me?, This isn’t just a memory editing or hex editing application kid!).

Yeah, it’s pretty nasty to look at now back to what I was saying.

So going through the request section I of course came across a game which had not yet been hacked or even responded to by anyone,Uno & Friends.

The post stated this person wanted the “Money or whatever” hacked in the game,
So I figured why not I haven’t played Uno in a long time I’ll launch it up.

Now when I download and install this game I notice one thing right away,
The company “Gameloft” has made it.

In my experience with this company they create Java based launchers for C based code which is set inside of a Shared Object file (common linux library, equivalent of a windows DLL).

So to say the least I was correct,
I quickly ripped this Shared Object out loaded it up into IDA and watched the Debug strings fly.
( You lucky son of a bitches don’t even know what you have in front of you, really these games are asking for it debug strings, function names, just hand me a fucking PDB for a windows game already why don’t you ).

Alright so now I’ve got this game loaded up after having the Shared Object loaded into IDA,
I’m staring at the main screen

Sorry couldn’t find a pic of the actual main screen…

Alright so the first thing I notice is I can play the game and I lose 2 “Tokens” every time I play, it’s gonna cost some real $$ whether it comes from me or an advertiser to get more of these “Tokens”.

So that becomes my first goal I don’t wanna stop playing I’ve already gotten a bit addicted I’m enjoying myself, my first attempt at hacking the game was messing with this little “scratcher” system.

Of course that didn’t go over so well, in-fact in my current patch I actually screwed it up to the point where it thinks I’ve always got 0 scratches left.

Anyway, Beyond that analyzing the game I notice a lot of stuff is stored and double checked server side through JSON requests so it’s not gonna be easy into fooling this thing into thinking I’ve got stuff I don’t.

So I did the next best thing I made sure it didn’t tell the server to take things away from me starting with tokens:

Hacking Uno & Friends Token System

Hacking Uno & Friends Token System

Alright so that’s one down one to go, the only other thing I see that I’d remotely care about in this game is the “Coins” system.

Which apparently is used to “Gift” people items, Gain boosts and other things.

Hacking the Coins in Uno&Friends

Hacking the Coins in Uno&Friends

That’s pretty much all there was I really cared to do, there were cheat options where I could’ve always won the game against other people, changed my over all score rank or etc.

But to me those kinds of things ruin the fun of the game I don’t need infinite moves, or to always win I’m perfectly fine just being able to play the game with the advantages everyone else who’s pouring money into this game has.

And last but not  least, take your self over to the youtube video and see this in action:

Uno Hack Download Link:


  1. Peter says:

    Great job buddy. Can you post ice age village hack by any chance? I really appreciate your hard work although you made it sound easy!

  2. Jonathan Dias says:

    hello, wanted to know what you use to modify the APKs, you modify the computer or own cell

  3. ivansion says:

    Hi, can you do this with Little Empire? Thanks

  4. chenlee says:

    hi can you hack/mod moster blade from nubee v.1.3.0

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  6. Nice~ says:

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  7. James says:

    PermaNull can you help me hack this game knight and dragon

  8. Scott says:

    Any chance of you doing this hack for the recent update Uno & Friends had?

  9. Scott says:

    Actually, I see on the YouTube video you mentioned copying the shared object file from the hacked app and overwriting it in the retail app. Where do I find that file?

  10. Brian Cotelesa says:

    Is there any chance you could help me hack mini golf matchup… I been trying to do a coin hack so I can play more tournaments.

  11. jp says:

    Hi Can U Mod BOMB ME ? it is online games can u help me? I really appreciate it :’)

  12. Sunnie says:

    Can you hack King’s Empire, please? Especially gems. It’s so hard to hack.

  13. Kevin says:

    Please update or reupload the video, it was deleted, I want to know how to mod..

  14. abs says:

    Well done man, the video is gone so is the file :(. Re-upload plzz.

  15. Mayuresh says:

    Great Work..I really appreciate the tutorial..
    Can you please make a similar tutorial for me for the game `Age Of Warring Empire`
    Thank you !

  16. Disaster says:

    Is there a possibility hacking the game(android) knights&dragons from Gree ?!

    Some months ago it was easily hackable using apks like gamekiller etc.
    But at the moment nothing seems to work … help or hints would be appreciated much

  17. neha says:

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    or its even possible to hack this game

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    Is it possible to hack blastron? would be cool

  20. Eric says:

    Hey PermaNull,

    Great job on your hacks ;)
    I wish i could find some legit hacks that aren’t scams for Jungle Clash. Can you help find me a link to a legit one without stupid ads or can u make a hack urself :P

    ty ;)

  21. Akshay says:

    Great Work..I really appreciate the tutorial..
    Can you please make a similar tutorial for me for the game `Age Of Warring Empire`
    Thank you !

  22. Jime says:

    Hey man, can you do galaxy empire on android?

  23. Leggend says:

    Hi PermaNull i’m interested in learning reverse engineering and how it is implemented into games and applications such as the one mentioned above any help would be appreceated :D -Leggend

  24. Joshua Brown says:

    wow ok im totaly confused on how you did that , im currently just using standard value editing app from google play , works well….. until the server removes it immediately ,

    so heres what ive been trying forgotten tales. its a fun game with fair graphics , but as ots not picked up too much yet its not been touched as far as hacking goes , can some one please break down how I can hack the rpg and also the mmorpg version , I can edit only my gold successfully but it will only stick on the rpg , im trying to edit the amount a monster drops or my current xp and hp / mana with no luck if any one would be kind enough to teach / help me do it ild be forever grateful . ps if yes send me an @mail to [email protected]

  25. randyabenk says:

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  28. knight says:

    I am requesting you to hack knights and dragons or post a tutorial as it is known to be unhackable.its made by Gree.

  29. Mike says:

    Can you please make a gold coin hack for age of warring empires. Everything in the game is based on gold, like events and such. The devs just want to suck our money out of our pockets. They don’t care for the non paying players..

  30. Jaydev Badrakiya says:

    Can u hack octro teen patti and make chips unlimited.if u hack or mod it please send it to my email address.Thank you….

  31. Amy says:

    Castle Clash that is all… mostly server sided but not all :)

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  33. Kingsempire says:

    Can you hack Kings Empire for android no root? Or build a working hack for gems? if you got a donate button i got 50 bucks i can donate for a working hack! May not be a lot to some but its a lot to me!

  34. arvind says:

    Ice aged is already hacked simply… Forword your gadget time and here you go all time reduced… But be aware dont go direct 11:59 to 12:01… They will caught you

  35. Iriyukei~ says:

    Wow none of you listen to him just brainless i came here to get a small tutorial so io can hack games myself anyway thanks for posting this im going to be hacking celes arca soon. o i nee to see how to turna .dex > .jar then use disember to decompile it. and gets tteh sweetness.

  36. Iriyukei~ says:

    but i sorta need help on it XDD add my skype if you feel like helping me out XXaeroxx6

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    Im trying to make a gold hacked apk.
    I’ve been trying to avoid server side by finding a breach on the game data structure to change gold value on the app and atualize the server side with it.
    Could not have it done yet.
    (Ive never made a mod in an online game before)

  39. Aoi says:

    Good job bro!
    can u modding Galaxy Legend 1.2.8 for me?

    then thanks b4… *bows*

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    Yo im looking for some1 to hack a game that uses json as well. Ill pay you for it. Its either ios or android. Just let me know how much u want for ur time.Send me email if interested.


    CAn you please mod the Android Game Knights and Dragons, it seems unhackable, can you please do it?? (: IT is made by GREE

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    Uhmnn.. yeah! Men what a good idea but I can’t go modding a .dat files… and I don’t know how to hack some apk.. so if ever you want me to help mod this game (Dragonica) by RenRen Games.. Send me an apk file of modded gold of this.. this can be play via wifi only errr.. mail me if you have modded it.. more powers … ibrahimnombrado (@)(gmail).(com)

  45. please says:

    please hack knight and dragon please

  46. iKILL says:

    Hi Sir,

    Just Want to ask if u can hack/mod RPG AVABEL ONLINE? can’t find something useful.. hope you can help me regarding this.. thank you very much in advance…

  47. jframer says:

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    Sorry but i have no idea what you were refering to for the most part. Is there a way to learn all this info or at least the basics to modding a game because i actually want to know how to do stuff like this. Yes, i am new at this.

  49. Nithin says:

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  50. prince says:

    hello dude.
    your tut is awesome
    I also want to learn hacking.
    well I have already been hacking games by tool like gameCIH etc.
    its just a tool which work for most of the offline games or I alter the data in shared_prefs folder.
    but now as your tut describe about hacking online game and i also want to hack .
    I have been trying to hack that game but not abel to hack it because its online game.
    I can alter the data from my side ( client side ) but the data is stored on server so therevis no affect at all.

    I have decompile that apk and I have that library .so file.
    I have loaded it on ida pro 6.x which hqve 2 debugger android and gdb.
    when I select android debugger it gives me error of parameters and when I use gdb also it gives me parameters error.
    so how do I exactly follow your steps of debugging that file and also I can’t find what I want in that .so file.

    can you please help me….???
    Thanks…… :-)

  51. aj says:

    I’ve been looking for Age of warring empire hacks and have heard a lot that modding server sided game is hard. Is it really?
    Just like you, I don’t need to win the game every time but I want the advantages of people who pay real money. Maybe if you get bored another night you can look into this ;)

  52. Kiroiki says:

    Have you try hack/mod game perfect kick from gamegou. Most of the parameters are server-sided which are hard to modify. So far no hack exist. All of the hacks out there are scam/fake which they ask you complete survey before downloading the hack.

  53. blacklisted says:

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    all indians gone mad for this game will u plz hacked it for me bro..

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  55. Terro says:

    Hello could you make a hack for saga of conquest(android) / empire online(ios)

  56. abdalla alzaabi says:

    Hey bro, The video is deleted. Where can I find the tutorial?

  57. its builded for versions from 2.2.8 and up

    can show ss and vid if needed (but I think my trust in letting you pay half before testing it is enough on its own haha)

  58. pff says:

    God… Every comment here hit my faith in humanity with a -1. Ugg. There were maybe three comments that weren’t 100% garbage besides those by permanull.

  59. sir can u teach me how to hack little empire or cn u give me moded apps of it...tnx says:

    I am amazed with you sir…cn u teach me sme basic techniques i haching apps in android…tnx si

  60. SACHIN CHHEDA says:

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  61. Valde Clemens says:

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  62. AviJii says:

    Usually I played android online games, I am not a cheater unless there is no cheater, I mean I only cheat when I am so annoyed with others who cheats.

    Mind if you can take a look of this game?
    Special Force Net, it is an online FPS game.

    Please let me know if its possible to be modified?

    Including the exp, armor, health, and etc. This game has a mod apk on previous version which is 1.1.7 but you cannot play anymore since it will prompt you to update to 1.1.8

    Please let me know if its possible to modified? This will be an interesting experiment for me.

    Kind regards,

  63. Mr Ninten says:

    Hey PermaNull, great article you have here.

    I wish I knew how to effectively hack without having to hunt for apks on the Internet. The basic concepts of hex editing I understand, but how to go about which values is set to a certain object is something I’m not quite fluent in. Is there any possible way for me to learn how to do this instead of searching on Google for a quick fix? (No good luck so far)

    Note: if possible, could you take a look at a MMORPG called “Avabel Online”? I’d like to at least know what type of software it was made in, and if you could work with it.

    ..When you get back into android hacking, that is. :P

    *contact me through my email if you choose to respond*

  64. steven jervis says:

    any chance u can do criminal legacy ? on iphone i cant do it :(

  65. Paul says:

    I was wondering if you’d be able to do something similar with Legend Online pocket edition for android. I can pay for your time

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    need ur help please.

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