UNO & Friends – Modded

Alright, so I demonstrated the fact I had modded UNO & Friends a day or two ago.

And I’m still not quite sure whether or not I’m going to release that ‘mod’ for people to easily use,
I have several reasons not to:

  1.  It doesn’t benefit me in any way to release such.
  2.  It will piss off game developers.
  3.  It will make this game boring for me as well as others if everyone has the ability to get these boosters and is able to see your cards all that’ll do is really piss you off.
  4. Everyone and their grandma would probably start cheating in the game.
  5. The developers will cease to make money on the game from no one purchasing these tokens/coins anymore if they’re able to get them freely.

However, I’ll consider releasing it.

Leave me a few comments if you really want this and I’ll think it over some more…

Feel free to add any game you want to request to be modded and I’ll take a look at it.

If I don’t get any comments this thing will probably never see the day of light as there’s no interest in it at that point.

Download Link:

Does not require root, uninstall original game install this APK and you’re good to g.


  1. efendy says:

    Hi permanull i really like ur post about hack uno and friend, can u tell me, how do u that.Thank .

  2. Don says:

    Hi Permanull, is it by purpose that the app will not connect to facebook?

    By the way, really like your detailed explanation on how you do it.

    • PermaNull says:

      Facebook connection should work perfectly fine, I’ve got my game connected to facebook.

      • Don says:

        Hi Permanull, is it because i’m using ASUS Padfone 2? Somehow the app keep prompting an error message when i try to connect.

      • Mak says:

        I got a connection error too… says that something’s missing. I use it on a galaxy s4.
        By the way, thanks for the hack :D now I can play unlimited without ruining the game for others

  3. anename says:

    sorry i tried but it doesn’t work , how can it work ?

    • PermaNull says:

      Tell me how exactly it didn’t work don’t just say it didn’t work.

      • anename says:

        actually I downloaded the hacked game you put then I transfered it to downloads of my android phone then installed the game by Apk installer

        but I found the game exactly as it is before . it is unhacked game and i cannot do anything you did in video

  4. efendy says:

    Download link already deleted, can u re-upload or email to me. Thx permanull

  5. Athanatos says:

    I too can’t connect to facebook. Has something been changed? I’m getting a “could not verify user” error.

  6. Athanatos says:

    I found a workaround to get your facebook linked, but it requires root.

    1. Install the regular game and link your facebook.
    2. Backup in Titanium Backup.
    3. Uninstall the game and install PermaNull’s version.
    4. In Titanium Backup, restore the game DATA ONLY.
    5. Launch the game and you should be linked!

  7. waklu says:

    weird.. uninstall original game, cleared the data
    install this new modded apk.. but it still requires token to play?
    what did i do wrong?

  8. Dade says:

    Permanull… You are nothing short of a legend for supplying this ‘workaround’

    Good work – keep it up!!!


  9. MADATOBA says:


  10. Valentin says:

    Facebook connect not work

  11. mike says:

    Never had any problems everything worked fine. There’s now been a update so it doesn’t work anymore.

  12. EnkryptedSpirit says:

    Awesome mod mr Null! will you be releasing another mod for the new updated version of Uno and friends? My disabled wife loved playing it the way you had it modded :)

  13. KrudeR says:

    Can you hack Golf Star by Com2us?

  14. Mr. Mikey G says:

    Maybe re-upload? the link is dead

  15. RAZ says:

    TRy modding Age Of Warring Empire. One of the best strategic games. Ahh, and that modding android games article wasn’t too detailed.

  16. Sandra says:

    Since the update today, I am not able to get logged back into facebook. It keeps saying the connection failed. Why is this? Never had any problem with it before the update.


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